Cleaning Services

We are a professional company that offers a variety of cleaning services, such as residential and commercial cleaning. we also offer other services, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and more.

Cleaning your carpets

Carpets can be different, depending on your office, home, or warehouse spaces. Some carpets are thin while others are thick and complex. We use approaches in cleaning these carpets. We’ll bring the carpet cleaning kits that are needed for this purpose.


Need your carpets cleaned?

We can help – whether you need to stains from the carpet or general carpet clean for dirty carpets in the house


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You can request carpet cleaning only or as part of a general cleaning routine


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Deep cleaning of carpets

Our carpet cleaning specialists use methods that will make your carpet as good as brand new.

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Our Carpet cleaning services include:
  • Know the Stains, assess same & treatment
  • Extensive Vacuuming of carpets
  • Deep-cleaning of carpets, using steam solutions
    (Steam method is not applicable for all carpets, so depending on the type of carpet, we will instantly analyst the best alternate ways to handle the carpets)

Maid Services

How A Maid Services can Help You

Maid services are a boon to many homeowners. While cleaning is quite a chore, the work is certainly not a thankless task. If you hire a cleaning service, you can be assured of a clean house, and this is especially true for many homeowners.

A maid service helps parents with this idea by offering an additional cost that they don’t have to worry about (which makes them feel more secure). There are many benefits to using a maid service; one is that it makes the home feel less cluttered and more inviting. Another benefit is that it allows parents to focus on other things while their children are being cleaned. Cleaning up after your kids is a pretty stressful experience, so it may not be surprising that they find comfort in being cleaned up after as well.

There are quite a few pros to having your house cleaned:

There are quite a few pros to having your house cleaned:

• You get to have breakfast in bed on weekends—though you don’t have time for that (unless you split the chores with your spouse or live with someone who does it regularly);

• You don’t feel like cooking and eating, so you can go out to eat after the cleaning is done;

• You save money

• You avoid dealing with phone calls from angry neighbors who want all their stuff back (and they usually are).

Car upholstery cleaning 

Car upholstery cleaning is one of the most popular services to be performed when it comes to cleaning services. Upholstery cleaning services have been around in the commercial industry for a long time, as cleaning old leather upholstery has always been a difficult task. A lot of people use upholstery cleaners to clean their leather sofas, leather chairs, and other sofa types. It’s a service that many people feel that they need, as they know how important and how crucial it is to keep their leather upholstery clean. This is why people use upholstery

Airbnb turnaround cleaning

The turnaround clean includes:

Deodorizing of all areas of the home

Doing the dishes

Vacuuming and mopping the floors


Taking out the trash


Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

Laundry and laundry accessories

Wiping down light switches and door handles

Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms;

Making beds

Airbnb turnaround cleaning is a service offered to small rental homes and hotel owners. The goal of a turnaround clean is to clean your property in a short time, and then make it ready to rent again. This service includes cleaning the entire property top to bottom, sanitizing, de-linting, emptying trash, and returning the property to its original state. Some cleaning companies offer a similar turnaround service for hotels. However, the service offered by Cleaning maid right may be more comprehensive because it includes deodorizing, bed bug treatment, and deep cleaning. Other companies may specialize in just one or two of these services.

In most cases, you can choose the service that best fits your needs. Some people choose to have a service that includes all of these services. For example, if a home is going to be rented soon or needs a deep cleaning, you may want to choose a service that includes deep cleaning. Other people prefer to have a service that focuses on a single service, such as deodorizing, because they already know that their property needs it.

Airbnb’s turnaround cleaning service is a great way to get your property in top shape after the guests check out, while also getting a good return on investment. Airbnb’s turnaround cleaning can improve your property availability by making sure your hotel looks decent and clean before it rents again, thus getting you more bookings.

what is the Airbnb cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee for a property, which is optional, is a service offered by “cleaning maid right” that helps hosts clean their entire space before their guests arrive. This service includes a cleaning checklist and a schedule outlining when you should clean. the Airbnb cleaning fee depends on the type of service that’s required by the host and also the size of the property.

Standard 5 step Airbnb checklist. This is a standard cleaning checklist for Airbnb hosts that includes the following: vacuum, mop, dust, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, clean and Reset.

The schedule for the Airbnb cleaning is as follows:

day 1: power clean, steam clean, deep clean, and vacuum,

day 2: dust and vacuum,

day 3: mop,

day 4: clean bathroom and kitchen,

day 5: Reset.

Laminate, hardwood flooring care 

Laminate, hardwood flooring care is a service that’s offered by “Cleaning maid right” in helping keep your flooring and make sure it is nice and clean.