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We work with you to design a customized cleaning schedule

Upholstery cleaning 

Recurring cleaning 

Office cleaning 

Cleaning Maid Right is ready to assist you when you need to take a break from your busy life and when it is about time to get cleaned. It can be your home, business, warehouse, or any facility, we make a difference.

Office cleaning 

Most research has revealed that there is a direct correlation between productivity and cleanliness. Productivity and profits decline when disorganization, clutter, and chaos rise. Insanity workspace full of germs takes over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish right in front of your eyes!   This is most right with the current pandemic situation we are already in. Each quarter, we are dealing with a new variant of a virus, an unseen enemy, and the answer to all these problems is to stay clean and sanitized always.

We work with you to design a customized cleaning schedule for your office whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or any intervals that suit your objectives and needs.  

Following are some of our exclusive services offered;

  • Clean and mop hard surface floors (tile, wood, vinyl, ceramic, cement, concrete, marble, or any floor)
  • Deep clean or vacuum all types of carpets
  • Cleaning of Stairways inside out
  • Sanitize and clean office bathrooms, kitchens& surfaces
  • Extra care to Sanitize other high traffic areas & surfaces
  • Clean office windows& panels
  • Baseboard &doors
  • Strip and wax vinyl floors
  • Vacuum and shampoo to protect upholstery fabric in furniture, room dividers
  • Clean entrance and lobby areas – entrance rugs
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Maintain supplies and remind to refill stocks
  • Clean vacant offices and warehouses
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Alarm and disarm premises cautiously
  • Disposal of garbage to city standards
  • Sign off cleaning tables

Recurring cleaning 

We follow a specific office cleaning checklist system to ensure every job we do is carried out to perfection and completed. All of our employees have undergone comprehensive training and background checks and are English speaking to take every instruction precisely. Also, they are fully vaccinated as per health regulations. We work with the most effective green cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, our commercial office cleaning customers are assured of owning spotless offices and a cleaner service area that performs to the highest industry standards.

We are never satisfied until you are satisfied – we do what you say and take a step further to elevate and pay further attention to detail.

Upholstery cleaning 

Upholstery cleaning is no easy task. It takes time and effort to understand the fabric and find the right type of cleaning to help prolong the life of your upholstery. It’s important to know that when it comes to cleaning upholstery, the more you remove the dirt, the longer your upholstery lasts.

We provide you with a spotless and fresh environment for your important work, and also keep your home and office tidy, free from dirt and grime. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and we will get your upholstery cleaned in no time.'”

A spotless workspace says a lot about your business. It is always the “First impressions” that count – for your customers as well as your staff. Improving and maintaining a healthy work environment for staff is the key to increasing the productivity of the people.

Being healthy means everything these days, so having a cleaned office will reduce staff absence and indirect adverse effects.

Please pick up your phone and ask for an onsite visit and quotation from our experts. (Cleaning Services in Canada)

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